Terraform: Introduction to Terraform Cloud

1. What is Terraform Cloud? Terraform Cloud is an application that manages Terraform runs in a consistent and reliable environment instead of on your local machine. It stores shared state and secret data, and connects to version control systems so that you and your team can work on infrastructure as code within your usual code workflow. […]

Google Cloud: Creating Dataproc Cluster Using Google Cloud and Running a Pyspark Job

Description This hands-on lab introduces how to use Google Cloud Storage as the primary input and output location for Dataproc cluster jobs. Leveraging GCS over the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) allows us to treat clusters as ephemeral entities, so we can delete clusters that are no longer in use, while still preserving our data. […]

HashiCorp: Introduction to Sentinel

What is Sentinel? Sentinel is a language and framework for policy built to be embedded in existing software to enable fine-grained, logic-based policy decisions. A policy describes under what circumstances certain behaviors are allowed. Sentinel is an enterprise feature of HashiCorp Consul, Nomad, Terraform, and Vault. Sentinel provides a language for writing policy and a […]

VMware: Using the govc CLI to automate vCenter commands

The vSphere web GUI is a nice visual tool, but if you need to retrieve vCenter information in bulk or perform mass operations across VMs, then a command line tool such as govc in invaluable. govc is written in Go, which means it has support on Linux as well as most other platforms. Installation Identify the latest […]

Google Cloud: Implementing an AI Chatbot with Dialogflow

Overview Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform that makes it easy to design and integrate a conversational user interface into your mobile app, web application, device, bot, etc. Dialogflow can analyze multiple types of input from your customers, including text or audio inputs (like from a phone or voice recording). It can also respond […]

Google Cloud: Building an API with Google Cloud API Gateway

Overview If you are building a microservice, you need to find a way to expose it. Suppose you are working with Cloud Functions or with Cloud Run. If you want to expose them using a structured and secure API, you should consider using Cloud API Gateway. Cloud API Gateway is a fully managed, easy-to-use, and secure […]

Google Cloud: VM migration lifecycle (M4CE 4.11)

This page describes the phases a particular VM undergoes during a migration to Google Cloud. Some phases are optional, and others are unavailable during cloud-to-cloud migrations. Full migration The full migration operation moves VMs in one step from source to target. In doing so, it: Performs the run-in-cloud process. Waits for the VMs to be in the Cache […]

Google Cloud: Cloud Interconnect – Considerations, Design and Configuration

Overview  Cloud Interconnect provides low latency, high availability connections that enable you to reliably transfer data between your on-premises and Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks. Also, Interconnect connections provide internal IP address communication, which means internal IP addresses are directly accessible from both networks. Cloud Interconnect offers two options for extending your on-premises […]

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