Category: Machine Learning

Google Cloud: Setting Up Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Description Although there are many tools to communicate, there are two basic types of communication: written and spoken. Machine learning has made it possible to convert one to the other, resulting in speech that is very close to that of a human voice. In this hands-on lab, you’ll step through the process for utilizing the […]

K-Means Clustering : Performing Customer Segmentation

Introduction k-means is a Kind of Machine Learning Model which uses clustering technique and unsupervised approach. Using k-means clustering we can quickly get insights from unlabeled data. Using k-means for Customer Segmentation Customer segmentation is the practice of partitioning a customer base into groups of individuals that have similar characteristics. It is a significant strategy as […]

Pandas DataFrame Basics: How To Perform Indexing And Slicing

1. Introduction Pandas is an open source Python library for data analysis. It gives Python the ability to work with spreadsheet-like data for fast data loading, manipulating, aligning, and merging, among other functions. To give Python these enhanced features, Pandas introduces two new data types to Python: Series and DataFrame. Series: Pandas series are basically dataset having only one […]

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